Senior Saturday

Senior Saturday

You may know Jamaya Wyatt from his brilliant play on the basketball court or from seeing his 6'6 self around campus but the senior from Chicago, Illinois describes himself as much more than just a basketball player and tall body. Wyatt, who considers himself a "chill, fun, active, and funny guy," looks back on his career and time at Blackburn and thinks ahead at what the future holds.

Wyatt's love of the game came when he was in his freshman year at Uplift High School. After taking a liking to the sport at a young age, reaching high school seemed to be a life-changing event in Wyatt's basketball career. As a freshman, Wyatt wanted to prove himself and make varsity. "My motivation was hard work." Through his time at Uplift, his hard work appeared to pay off as each year he would come back faster, stronger, and better than the previous.

Looking at where he is now, Wyatt is in his senior year at Blackburn playing his final season for the Beavers men's basketball team. His main focus at the moment is trying to balance everything out with school, work, and basketball. He also is "trying to figure out the next step" in his life.

When asked how his experience at Blackburn has been Wyatt kept coming back to one word, fun. When looking back on what the biggest thing he's learned, he immediately said "patience." Wyatt's time with the men's basketball program here at Blackburn came with many learning experiences also. Primarily, the program taught him that he needed to "work hard to be where you want to be."

So, what's next for Wyatt? After taking a minute to think about his answer, he stated three things. He wants to be on his own, to live independently. He also wants to begin his career in computer science; he is working towards being a computer engineer. Finally, he wants to start a family in the future and be the best husband and father he knows he can be. Lastly, his best advice he wishes to give to his fellow Blackburn undergraduates is "the earlier you find what you want to do, the better," and to "work hard."